Core Values

• We believe in our Good Source team and the moral compass they follow. Respect is the most basic value of Good Source: respect for the work of each employee who makes a daily contribution to our progress; respect for the team and the organization of which we are all members; respect for the communities that we call home.

• We do what we say and are fair to suppliers, customers, and employees. We believe in long-term collaborative relationships.

• We believe in innovation & creativity - thinking differently, non-traditional, solution based.

• We believe in a higher purpose - working with suppliers to reduce food waste in this country, while providing quality food to our customers.

• We believe in our environment and the capacity of the environment to provide for future generations. We support those manufacturers promoting sustainable food production; those concerned with sustainability of our food system; and those addressing issues of environmental stewardship, diet and health, and viability of communities.

• We believe in creating opportunities out of problems.

• We believe in supporting our community.