Harvest Farms

Harvest Farms

Since 1947, Harvest Farms has been dedicated to solutions-based manufacturing and distribution capabilities. Innovation is the hallmark of Harvest Farms and drives our product development team. We provide countless manufacturing capabilities to deliver remarkable cost savings to customers.

The Harvest Farms boxed meal program is the core of our business. We manufacture and produce our boxed meals in a USDA & HACCP certified facility with 2 production lines, as well as refrigerated & dry storage. Our quality boxed meals serve millions of customers in correctional institutions, military sectors and relief organizations.

Our wide variety of food and boxed meals can be customized for dietary & budget requirements. We offer sandwiches, sliced lunchmeats, cheeses as well as canned fruits and frozen vegetables. Harvest Farms offers nutritious food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Harvest Farms believes in giving back to the community. Days after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2001, Harvest Farms assembled & delivered 5 truckloads of boxed meals to aid FEMA efforts. We continue to assist several relief organizations after natural disasters.

To learn more, visit Harvest Farm's company website: www.harvestfarms.com